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Karen Gill, Down to Earth Chef Joins Sustainable|Kitchens as New Corporate Chef

On April 17th 2017, Karen Gill of Down To Earth Chef will join Sustainable|Kitchens as our new full time corporate chef. Gill has been a personal chef since 2004, first as “Karen Cooks It” and then as “Down to Earth Chef.” Her personal mission is to make practical and simple cooking a thoughtful part of people’s daily lives. Gill says working as a personal chef allows her to be immersed in cooking and help those who want to get “down to earth” with food. S|K had been recruiting to fill the position for the past year. In January, Chef Karen threw her hat into the ring.

CEO/Founder, Justin Johnson said, "With the incredible team of people we've already assembled, it was critical that we find the perfect addition to our team. And frankly, we have grown to the point where we needed more hands on deck to ensure that all our clients' needs where being met. I had been looking for someone with a culinary point of view that aligned with ours but who was also a skilled educator. Not only do Karen and I sort of speak the same language regarding food, but she had the perfect combination of skills we needed for this position.” Vice President and Director of Strategy, Dan O'Hearn said, "We don't hire to fill positions. We hire to further our mission. A candidate that finds a home with Sustainable|Kitchens does so because they are passionate about our business and bring significant advancement to this movement." Despite her new role, Gill will continue to conduct classes and demonstrations as “Down to Earth Chef.”

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