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About SK

Meet the SK Team (cont.)


Justin Johnson, CEO/Founder, launched Sustainable Kitchens in 2014 after successfully transforming a hospital in rural Wisconsin from a "dump & serve" cafeteria to a full-scratch restaurant and room service operation where every meal was made-to-order using local ingredients, many of which came from an 11,000 square foot farm Johnson and his team installed on the hospital grounds which sat a mere 100 feet from the back door of the kitchen.  

It was this operation, the Harvest Market at the Watertown Regional Medical Center, that served as a national example of "what was possible" and earned Johnson back-to-back "Operator Innovations in Sustainability" award nominations from the National Restaurant Association in 2013 and 2014, as well as the distinction of "FSD of the Month" for May 2014 by Food Service Director Magazine in NY. 

Within months of its inception, SK was featured in Modern Farmer Magazine, Food Management Magazine, The National Culinary Review and The New York Times. In Summer of 2016 Johnson partnered with national business investor and Wisconsin native, Dan O'Hearn. The partners soon bolstered the SK team with the additions of Business Manager, Colleen Monahan and Project Manager Charlotte Litjens. 

The newly assembled team set to work bringing about change in the food service operations of restaurants, schools, hospitals, senior centers and corporate dining facilities across Wisconsin and Illinois.  


Sustainable Kitchens is driven by three simple words: Back. To. Scratch. After all, processed, premade, convenience food is a fairly new invention. It has only existed for a few decades in wide use across our commerical and non-commercial food service segments. Sustainable Kitchens has a proven system for eradicating all those high-cost, poor quality, corner-cutting, "time-saving" ingredients to make way for simple, wholesome, raw foods from the Earth.   



Corporate Kitchen Efficiency 

Healthcare Room Service Programs 

School Nutrition

Commercial Business Development 


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