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How do I get started?

Getting started on your kitchen transformation is the easy part.
Simply call us at 414.585.9895 to schedule a FREE site visit.


A site visit consists of one of our Certified Chefs coming to spend a day in your operation to see your food service in action. We will take detailed notes and observe every detail of how your kitchen runs.

After the visit is concluded, we may sit down for a brief summary of what we saw, but more importantly, we will draft a report with specific areas for improvement. Once this report is complete, we will schedule a time to return and go through it together. The report consolidates our observations and will include (but not be limited to) Menu, Food, Kitchen, Operations, Staff, Communications and finally, Recommendations.

This report is free and yours to keep, even if we don’t go forward with a Transformation Project. If you do decide to take the next step toward elevating your food….well then….that’s when we go to work.

Our Project Specialists will draft a proposal completely detailing and outlining the scope and a schedule for the project. We bill by project, not by hour, so you can actually see what you’re paying for and together, we will monitor and assess the results as they happen.

The chef or chefs assigned to your project will work with your schedule to be onsite whenever it works best for you and your staff. They will report on their progress and share those progress reports with you as much as you want to see them.

With many projects, once the process of peeling the onion begins, we may discover that we have a larger project on our hands than we thought. If this happens, we are happy to rework the proposal and the contract if you wish. We can also proceed with the project as planned. But we WILL NOT divert our attentions outside of the agreed upon project scope.

Our only goal is to ensure that our clients get what they want:

results you can see fast
quick wins
results that translate directly into increased revenue or lower costs (preferably both)
and continuity and consistency of our services

….get exasperated.

….”fix” problems that don’t exist.
….simply give you a template
….try to make the operation our own.


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