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Preparing to Change the World


Nothing can lift a person’s spirits OR put them in a sour mood faster than food. Specifically, in hospitals, senior homes, and schools, food is a respite from what can sometimes be an exhausting, difficult or even discouraging day. For this reason, there is a tremendous amount of pressure placed on food to be that one beacon of inspiring and hopeful light to help an individual through the discomfort of illness, the stress of learning, or the frustration of losing control over their own life.

Here, it becomes the responsibility of cooks and chefs that have chosen the culinary arts as their vocation to convey their passion for their craft. However, the institutional food service industry is seemingly built to prevent this. Whether shackled by special diet orders, contracted food service providers or procedural restrictions, a chef in an institutional kitchen can feel like they are helpless to create quality food.


Sustainable Kitchens would love the opportunity to show you and your team that this could not be further from the truth. Justin Johnson will work with you to design a development plan specifically tailored to your operation and work with you as long as it takes to see it succeed. The process begins with a free consultation (with only the cost of travel incurred by your organization) where Sustainable Kitchens will help you identify “Leaks” or areas of the operation that need improvement. From there, we will write your road map to success, which will ultimately lead to:

  • High customer satisfaction

  • Increased sales

  • Industry recognition

  • Heightened staff morale

  • Higher survey scores

  • Community support

  • Reduced costs

  • Increased wellness

  • …and a sustainable program!

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